What Features Should a CCTV Camera Have?

What Features Should a CCTV Camera Have?

Several different features are important to consider when purchasing a CCTV camera from CCTV camera suppliers in Dubai. Some of these are universal, while others are useful for specific situations. Understanding which features are important for you will help you make an informed decision. In addition, these features will play an important role in determining how much money you will spend on your new security equipment. One of the most useful features of modern CCTV systems is on-demand recording. This allows the user to review footage on demand. It can be very helpful in situations where there is a lot of activity.

License plate recognition:

Another important feature is license plate recognition or LPR. This feature will detect and store license plates, which can be reviewed later. While this technology is useful for traffic monitoring, it’s often underused because it can affect any Internet-connected device. The camera angle is also very important, as too high a camera won’t catch the license plate. When shopping for a CCTV, keep these factors in mind.

Camera’s angle:

The camera’s angle is important, as a higher-angled camera will miss the license plate. Choosing an angle is also important, as a low-angled camera will not capture the license plate if it’s at an angle that’s too high. Then again, if the camera is located in a high location, the video will not be captured. The angles should also be adjustable to view the footage from all angles.

Camera should have lighting:

The camera should have lighting, especially if it’s used at night. IR cameras need additional lighting, which can reduce the amount of noise in the recording. The camera must also be sensitive enough to capture oncoming traffic. Generally, 35 MPH is the maximum speed of oncoming traffic. However, this feature should be carefully deployed, as it can be tricky to use and deploy. It’s not possible to have the right settings without testing.

Depending on the purpose of the camera, these features are of great importance. Having a camera that has LPR capabilities is an important consideration. This feature will help you identify the license plate and keep it visible. This technology is mainly used for traffic monitoring and will keep track of your vehicle movement. The camera will automatically send you an alert if it detects motion at any time.

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